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Established in 1989, Ayali Pay provides a fully-managed payroll service to businesses in various industries across Canada. Our mission is to simplify your life by undertaking full responsibility of your payroll needs from payroll calculation and t-slip preparation to CRA remittances and all government correspondence.

All-Inclusive & Fully-Managed Payroll
Unlike other major payroll providers, Ayali Pay offers businesses a complete, all-inclusive and fully-managed payroll service. We cover all your payroll requirements from payroll calculations and T-Slip preparations (T4, T4A, T5018, EHT, WSIB/WCB & ROE) to CRA remittances and beyond (T5 & NR4). Let us take the entire payroll process off your hands, so you can focus on the important aspects of running and growing your business.
Government & CRA Correspondence
Our goal is to relieve you of all your payroll obligations, including the stresses of dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency. Ayali Pay handles all correspondence and communication with the CRA on your behalf when it comes to payroll. In fact, we are so confident in our services that any payroll reviews and audits by the CRA are covered by our all-inclusive service for no additional charge.
Payroll Experts with Accounting & Taxation Experience
Our team of payroll specialists review all payroll data you provide to ensure accuracy and compliance with employment and tax regulations. We advise you on how to set-up or run your payroll based on best employment practices and tax legislations.

Free HR Consultations
Instead of dealing with multiple experts at Ayali Pay, you will be assigned one payroll specialist who oversees all the payroll requirements of your business. Call our office and you will be directed to your personal specialist who can advise, coach and answer any questions you may have about HR and other employment legislations.
No Hidden or Surprise Fees
Other payroll providers charge extra fees for additional payroll services such as Records of Employment (ROE), T-Slip preparations and CRA remittances. At Ayali Pay, we offer a set fee per employee per pay, which includes the full scope of payroll from beginning to end. There are no hidden or surprise fees at the year-end, so you know exactly what fees to expect and how to budget your costs.
International Payroll
Do you run an international business but employ workers in Canada? Ayali Pay specializes in managing Canadian payroll needs for international businesses around the world. We look after the payroll of your Canadian employees and ensure they get paid accurately and on-time according to Canadian regulations. Ayali Pay also handles all correspondence with the government and Canadian tax department (CRA) on behalf of your business, so you do not need to deal with government entities that you are not familiar with.

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