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Canadian Payroll

Are you looking for a payroll service provider that allows you to focus on the important aspects of growing your business? Ayali Pay provides a complete, all-inclusive and fully-managed payroll service to businesses in various industries across all Canadian provinces. Our Canadian payroll services include

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We determine the exact amounts that need to be deducted from your employees’ pay and ensure the correct amount is remitted to the government. Our calculations account for all payroll and CRA deductions including EI (Employment Insurance), CPP (Canada Pension Plan) and WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance). After all deductions are calculated, we ensure your employees receive their accurate net pay.

In addition to full and part-time employees, Ayali Pay handles the payroll for commissioned employees, sub-contractors, director/management fees and dividend payments to shareholders.

We go beyond just calculating payroll. Our payroll experts personally work with you on payroll planning and determine a salary that meets your everyday needs, while minimizing your tax burden. We plan the exact costs per employee to help you gain a greater understanding of your expenses at the year-end.

Our payroll process is entirely electronic. We take care of paying your employees on time through direct deposit. All employees receive their pay straight to their bank account on the morning of each pay day.

Let us handle your employee paystubs. We automatically issue electronic paystubs to all your employees, saving you the time and hassle of sending or handing out paystubs each pay day.

We handle all mandatory CRA remittances on behalf of your business, so you don’t need to worry about missing any deadlines. We calculate, remit and pay all required payroll taxes to the CRA by the given due date.

Ayali Pay also looks after other government payments, including but not limited to:

  • Corporation Tax Installments
  • Personal Tax Installments
  • GST/HST Remittances & Installments
  • PST Payments
  • Non-Resident Tax Obligations

When you choose Ayali Pay, your business is handing over all payroll obligations to our specialists including correspondence with the Canada Revenue Agency and other government entities. We respond to all payroll-related inquiries and requests by the CRA. Any payroll reviews or audits is also covered by our all-inclusive service, so you don’t need to worry about dealing with the CRA.

Has an employee left or been dismissed from your company? Your business is required to file Records of Employment (ROE) outlining the employment history of each dismissed employee. Our payroll services include preparation and filing of all Records of Employment to Service Canada on behalf of your business.

Is your business required to file and make payments to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board? Our payroll specialists will determine the insurance payment based on your WSIB/WCB rate, file all paperwork and make required payments to the WSIB/WCB. If you would like to register or cancel a WSIB/WCB account, we will handle that for you too.

We manage your EHT responsibilities if your business is required to file and pay the Employer Health Tax. Ayali Pay will calculate the Employer Health Tax, file all necessary paperwork and make payments to the government on your behalf.

We advise you on how to set-up and run your payroll based on best employment practices and tax legislations. Your business will be assigned one payroll specialist who can advise, coach and answer any questions you may have related to your payroll operations.

All employees and employers have access to a personal account on our secure online portal. Employees will be able to view, print and download all their personal payroll documents (i.e. paystubs, T4 Slips, ROEs) at any time using their login information. Employers will be able to access all employee payroll documents, business payroll documents, submit employee hours and add new employee information.