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International Payroll

Do you run an international or U.S. business with Canadian employees?

Looking after your employees and payroll requirements in your overseas business operations can be time-consuming and complex. Ayali Pay specializes in international payroll services for businesses located around the world.

We manage all of your Canadian payroll needs according to Canadian laws and regulations, while ensuring your employees get paid accurately and on-time. Ayali Pay will also handle all correspondence and communication with the Canada Revenue Agency, so you can solely focus on the important aspects of running and growing your international business.

Furthermore, all non-resident directors and shareholders of Canadian corporations are entitled to director/management fees and/or dividends. Let Ayali Pay handle all your transactions, so you meet the tax obligations in Canada.

Contact us now if you require payroll services for your international or U.S. business!

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We automatically prepare and issue all employee t-slips at the end of each year. Our t-slip services include preparations of T4s, T4As, T5s T5018s and NR4s. Once t-slips are filed to the CRA, our payroll experts send electronic copies of t-slips to all employees.

Add-on services:

T4 Service

  • Non payroll clients $240+10/slip
  • payroll clients but not full year $190+10/slip

Payment Service

  • $25/payment